By Brian Shaffer

Buying a car is a challenge for some, a chore for others and a nightmare for the rest, and many walk away with a new car in their driveway but a pit in their stomach.

However, Shawn Spiegel is set on changing that scenario for local residents by offering to professionally guide customers through the car-buying process. By using years of experience and industry knowledge, Spiegel can help ensure his customers get the car that they want at the fairest price possible.

He calls his business The Car Haggler because that’s exactly what he does. Spiegel’s background comes from the world of financial consulting and includes more than five years of working directly with the auto industry.

“My career has given me the opportunity to work with automobile dealers and understand the automobile business,” Spiegel said. “This has given me a clear understanding of what a dealer ‘can’ sell a car for and how to close a great deal for my customers.”

In addition to his industry knowledge, The Car Haggler also leverages the professional relationships he has forged during his years working with the automobile dealership business to further ensure that his customers are getting the very best deal possible.

The process begins when a customer contacts Spiegel and expresses interest in his services. Depending on the level of service requested by the customer, he will consult with the customer about their specific needs and help determine the best automobile option. He will then locate a vehicle and arrange a test drive. The Car Haggler will negotiate the best possible price on that vehicle, arrange the highest amount for a trade if one is available and provide a written purchase agreement for his customer to take to the dealership when they are ready to make the purchase. Spiegel’s services can also include personally accompanying a customer to the dealership to walk them through the car-buying process step by step to ensure everything goes smoothly.

“Shawn saved us thousands off the dealer’s initial asking price,” said Dave Thiede. “Shawn made himself available throughout the search and buying process and kept us informed.”

Contact Spiegel directly at 598-6979 or visit his Website at


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