During his visit to the Tampa area earlier this month, Florida State Governor, Rick Scott, took the time to discuss and apparently confirm a proposal that he said will bring some much-needed relief to Florida families.

Making use of the showroom at the Brandon Honda car dealership as the venue for his announcement, Scott spoke to over a hundred supporters along with local residents as well as members of the media.

“We have to figure out how we can get rid of the wasteful spending in government and to give you back more of your money,” Scott said.

As part of the $500 million, the first thing the governor wants to do is to undo the 54 percent increase in taxes that was implemented in 2009 which increased the cost of vehicle registrations.

Scott said that this proposed reduction of motor vehicle registration fees will save automobile buyers an estimated $400 million statewide.

Referring to his budget that is to come out next month, Scott declined to comment on where the other $100 million is coming from, however, cutting property and commercial lease taxes and adding a state sales tax holiday are all on the table.

“The way I look at it this: this is your money,” he said, adding that residents will make use of the savings, perhaps by putting it toward the purchase of another vehicle or education just to name a few.

While the Florida economy has seen a turnaround, Scott said that there is a lot more work to be done.

“We want to make sure that we have an economy where you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish,” he told his audience. “You can live your dream.”

Brandon Honda is owned by Larry Morgan and his son Brett Morgan of Morgan Auto Group and is located at 9209 E. Adamo Dr. in Tampa.

“We are going to have an awful lot of happy customers as a result of this tax fee rollback,” Larry Morgan said. “This is a big deal and car dealers throughout Florida are very excited about it and we are very grateful to the Governor for it.”

Co-owner, John Marazzi, also spoke highly of Scott’s proposal and was pleased with the Governor’s visit to the dealership. “I appreciate Governor Scott’s commitment to give more money back to families and job creators,” Marazzi said. “We were pleased to host the Governor today for this important announcement and applaud all his efforts to roll back taxes and fees.”

For more information, call 855-885-1098 or visit www.BrandonHonda.com

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