By Brian Shaffer

adv archery shooting rangeWhen Adventures Archery opened in July of 2013, little was known about how the Tampa Bay community would accept such a specialized facility. After eight months, the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

“We just got through our first hunting season and it was pretty crazy,” said Danielle Edelmann, Public Outreach Coordinator and Director of Special Events. “It was our first year around, it was a big hunting season and I think we have grown a lot faster than we expected.”

More than just an archery retailer, Adventures Archery is not only equipping area residents with high-quality adv archery shootingproducts and merchandise, but it is also training experienced archers, introducing new participants to the sport and reaching out into the community to help children and people of all ages see how they can get involved in archery.

With hunting season in the rear view mirror, much of the work being done at the facility currently focuses on target shooting. Adventures Archery is a sponsor of the upcoming Florida R100 competition, which will feature hundreds of participants taking aim at various three-dimensional targets.

In addition to serving as a sponsor for the event, Adventures Archery will also send more than 80 of its shooters to participate in competition. Members of the facility’s Junior Olympic Archery Development group will make up a majority of those in attendance at the R100 from the Adventures Archery.

As part of its continuing efforts to get more involved in the community, Adventures Archery has opened up a league on Wednesday nights, is hosting local competitions including one in combination with Trinity Sportsman Ministries and starting partnerships with area schools.

“One of our main goals is to get out and help get kids involved with archery,” Edelmann said. “It’s great to allow them adv archery storefrontto grow up with it and not have to wait and get started later in life.”

Adventures Archery is currently working with a local home school group as a part of the student’s physical education courses, as well as Channelside Academy, Turkey Creek Middle School, and others.

For more information about getting involved in archery, contact Adventures Archery, located at 2210 S. US 301, by calling 664-8700 or visiting


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