Located in Riverview, Summerview Oaks is a deed-restricted subdivision that consists of approximately 200 youth, teens and adults. What makes the neighborhood unique is that low to moderate income residents actually built their homes and created the community under the USDA Self-help Homeownership Program. The community is nestled north of Big Bend Rd. and east of Hwy. 301. Residents and community leaders have sought to make Summerview Oaks a safe place for their children to stay and play. Considering that the closest playground to Summerview Oaks is over one mile away, walking and riding bikes along Hwy. 301 and Big Bend Rd. proves an unsafe venture, especially at dusk.

The Summerview Oaks Association is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Gerdau, a local steel company in the Tampa Bay area, and KaBOOM!, a national non-profit, to give kids the childhood they deserve by bringing playtime to Riverview. The partnership will create an opportunity to construct a quality playground in a safe location at Summerview Oaks built with the donations and labor from residents and friends. However, even with the support of Gerdau and KaBOOM!, assistance is still required.

To ensure a commitment from residents and the community at large, KaBOOM! has challenged the families in Summerview Oaks to raise $8,500 toward the playground’s construction. These proud homeowners are patrons of many local businesses and restaurants that have been growing the southern district of Riverview since 2001. Along with donations from families and friends, residents would be proud to earn the support from other local residents and establishments where they shop.

While the playground build is scheduled for Saturday, February 22, Summerview Oaks needs to report contributions collected to KaBOOM! by Monday, February 3, but donations will still be accepted after this date. Donors will be invited to a formal Opening/Ribbon Cutting Day on Tuesday, February 25. To donate or for more information, contact Vanessa Josey, president of the Summerview Oaks Association at 672-7860 ext. 260 or at Vanessa@flhome.org.


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