The Tampa Bay Aquarium Society (TBAS) recently moved to its new meeting place at the Riverview Civic Center, which is located at 11020 Park Dr, in Riverview. TBAS is a non-profit organization comprised of fish keepers and hobbyists who promote the hobby, education and conservation of the aquatic environment.

Joining is an opportunity to participate in a great hobby as an individual or as a family group. The monthly meeting provides opportunities to spend time with other members of the community who have similar interests. The club strives to involve children in the hobby. Children accompanied by an adult as well as young adults are welcome. President of the Society, Bill Little, said, “To this end, we periodically conduct collecting trips to obtain native fish from our local streams and rivers. The kids are always excited to participate in these events.”

The group meets every second Monday of the month at 7:15 p.m. Each meeting centers on a talk on some aspect of maintaining, breeding or caring for fish. The speakers include members from the Tampa Bay community as well as speakers brought in for other areas of the country who have expertise relating to the hobby. A bowl show is featured each month which permits members to exhibit fish they maintain. Little said, “We are a group of hobbyists from beginners to experts who share information, friendship and most of all our enthusiasm for the fish hobby.”

The Society had overwhelming participation this year in the “Aquarium Beautiful” event held at the Florida State Fair. Once a year, a grand auction is held where everyone gets the opportunity to obtain fish species that are not normally seen in the local fish shops.

The upcoming March and April meetings will feature Mike Jacobs, who has been a tropical fish keeper since 1952 and although not a professional photographer, he has been published in Tropical Fish Hobbyist throughout the years.

All members are welcome whether they have one small aquarium or many. TBAS members range from individuals with virtually no experience with keeping and breeding fish to experts who have kept fish for many years.

For additional information, contact Little at 727-530-0928 or visit


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