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A growing group of local high school students are actively participating in Brandon FishHawk Young Life. Each week they are filling the living rooms of local homes for live music, messy games, silly skits with a message about life and faith. Through weekly meetings, small groups, summer camps, weekend excursions and one-on-one time with an adult leader, Young Life leaders build unconditional relationships with teenagers and model God’s love. Young Life leaders have been reaching out to teenagers in the Brandon and FishHawk area for 10 years.

“We are thrilled to announce we are launching ‘WyldLife’, our ministry, to middle school students next month,” said Rob Tolley, Metro Director. “WyldLife leaders want to provide a fun, safe environment for middle school students to hang out with friends and explore God’s plan for their lives.”

WyldLife leaders are trained adults and high school teenagers of the highest integrity. 

“WyldLife is about fun, adventure and friendship, and leaders earn the privilege of talking to students about something we think matters most of all — the truth about God and His love for them,” said Tolley.

WyldLife is a national organization that is well established in Tampa and is expanding to the Brandon community. This group is for middle school kids and is linked with the Young Life program for high school students. Since middle school students and high school students are at two different places in their developmental stages, WyldLife was created to break up the age groups. It will be lead by Melissa Rios, a youth pastor at The Crossing Church, and Ricc Conner, a youth pastor at Brandon United Methodist.

Local adults and churches are catching the vision for the positive impact Young Life and WyldLife will have on middle and high school teenagers. This organization is funded by parents and the community. 

To learn more information about weekly club meetings for high school teenagers, or the Wyldlife Kick-Off in May, call the office at 558-8785 or e-mail Tolley at

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