By Bonnie Mentel

All Temp Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, LLC is a full-service heating, AC and refrigeration company that has been in business, serving all of central Florida, since early 2004. The company, which is fully licensed and insured, provides both residential and commercial installations, repairs and service.

“We take calls at all hours of the day or night and we strive to get people cooled off as soon as possible. In our business if we don’t stay on top of the needs of the public, someone else will, and that’s bad for business. We understand how miserable it can be during the summer months if a customer’s air quits working,” said Paul Jimino, West Coast Manager.

In order to keep a system working at its best, Jimino said it’s important to get a system checked at least once a year because the small price of preventative maintenance is always better than a costly repair.

He shares other tips: “Use the thermostat wisely. Don’t leave the AC running all day at a low temperature. If you’re gone all day or for long periods of time, set the thermostat to 80; this will save money. Also, a dirty filter restricts air flow, which starves the system for air. This makes the system work much harder and drives up energy bills. Some of the filters available today to the general public are great air cleaners, but they also clog much quicker because they are denser; these are usually the white-pleated filters. They work great, but need to be changed more often.”

Jimino warns customers to be careful when hiring contractors found online. Unqualified contractors can put the customer’s home at risk if they provide substandard work, especially when high-voltage electrical work is involved.

“There are a lot of unlicensed, so-called AC companies. These inexperienced companies usually advertise on Craigslist and other free venues. Customers should investigate any contractor bidding on a job at their home by checking their licensing credentials. This can be done at” (All Temp’s license number is CAC1814398.)

For more information, visit or call for a free estimate. Jimino can be reached directly at 335-4535 or

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