tumblr_inline_n957eerC7G1s3v7rr By Alexandra Booth

Now featured at the Bloomingdale Regional Library is the AlligatorZone. No, it has nothing to do with sharp teeth and scaly skin. This new program hopes to help entrepreneurs receive feedback on new products and ideas.

Similar to the television show Shark Tank, AlligatorZone wants to help “avoid the metaphorical alligators that could endanger their success,” according to its flier. Entrepreneurs will be given the chance to display their product to an audience, which will allow them to receive suggestions or change potential problems before launching their idea.

The library is working with Ramesh Sambasivan, the program-lead of the nonprofit organization SiliconGlades. Sambasivan will also be working with the Bloomingdale Library on a new initiative called Flow.

“AlligatorZone was started because the designers and producers of the program at SiliconGlades.com wanted a family-friendly environment for children and families to meet and interact directly with entrepreneurs and participate in local innovation,” said Sambasivan.

This program will use the library’s new Innovation Studio, which was added on in the new expansion. Entrepreneurs will use the room’s media:scape and work areas in order to give presentations. At the first session on Saturday, June 14, AlligatorZone featured Jess Rasemont, CEO of Rasemont Gardens; Travis Russi, Founder of StuffHub and Pat Bhava, Founder and CEO of PikMyKid.com.

This program has already begun to grow outside the area, even outside Florida. Sunnyvale Public Library in Silicon Valley, Cali. has asked to do its own AlligatorZone program this summer.

“We expect this to grow as a grassroots program connecting and enriching communities that patronize libraries,” Chief Librarian Margaret Rials said. “We are indeed excited to be a part of it.”

Alligator Zone is free to attend and happens the second Saturday of every month. To be part of the audience, sign up at AlligatorZone.eventbrite.com. To be considered for presenting as an entrepreneur or inventor, e-mail events@siliconglades.com. 

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