By Rachel Ann Johnson

Laura Craig is not a typical hair stylist. For more than 25 years, she has been gaining expertise in the field of permanent hair replacement. After working as a specialist for other salons, Craig has decided to embark on her own entrepreneurial path as owner of LGC Hair Restoration in Brandon. Driven by a passion to help others feel better about themselves, Craig considers herself a sort of image counselor.

“When someone loses their hair, and you give them back their hair, it gives them back their life,” she said.

After meeting with people who have suffered hair loss and listening to them talk about being afraid to go swimming, visit the beach or remove a hat or scarf, Craig has seen a miraculous change in clients.

One of the more recent developments, hair grafting, allows Craig to take a mold of her client’s head and custom fit hair to the scalp through a bonding process that provides realistic results. With this procedure, Craig said she is able to offer the latest, trendy-looking haircuts without any detection of the grafting.

Another facet of technology that Craig is excited to bring to Brandon is a type of laser therapy for the scalp that stimulates the hair follicle, encouraging regrowth.

“The biostimulation uses a comb with an LED light. I did a lot of research, and there were seven clinical studies that showed 93 percent increase in hair growth,” said Craig.

She said this is a good alternative for someone who is hesitant to try hair grafting or for the individual who is experiencing hair thinning.

“Within months, people are seeing a difference in thicker, fuller, longer hair with more body,” she said.

In an effort to keep costs affordable, Craig is also offering regular salon services from her private studio space inside The Pamper Stop in Brandon providing an environment conducive to the personal service she knows clients prefer.

“I’ve taken care of a lot of young girls that have alopecia and are wearing a full cranial prosthesis. By giving them this beautiful hair, they walk a little prouder and feel better about themselves,” she said.

To schedule a consultation, call 990-9234 or visit LGC Hair Restoration at The Pamper Stop located at 146 W. Robertson St. in Brandon.

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