By Kim Ruiz

South Ridge homeowner’s semi-annual dues were due on Tuesday, July 1. Residents who were unable to make a timely payment are asked to submit a payment immediately to avoid late fees. A written request may be submitted for a delay of payment to McNeil Management for the HOA board to review for individuals who require additional time.

Residents and visitors are reminded that homeowners on lakefront lots own the land into the water’s edge. This means trespassing on private property around ponds in the area is not allowed without the homeowner’s permission. While it may be tempting to want to let kids splash in the water, all ponds are retention ponds, which mean they are filled with runoff water which may contain pesticides and other items that wash down the street or off lawns. Additionally, all ponds are chemically treated to kill algae on the surface and are stocked with carp to eat the dead algae. Retention ponds attract wildlife and are enjoyable to sit and view from a patio, but are not suitable for any recreational activity.  

Primary elections are scheduled for Tuesday, August 26. During the last election cycle, some homeowners in South Ridge were reassigned to a new voting location on Providence Rd. while others remained at the church located right next to the community. Residents may refer to their voter ID card to determine which location to vote at this year. Individuals unable to locate their card, or who simply want to verify they are registered to vote, may visit  to check voter registration status. Simply type in last name, birth date, and house numbers under “My Registration Status” to find voting information, sample ballots, change status, etc.

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