By Kelso Tanner

Janet Dougherty has been a lifelong resident of Hillsborough County. Her parents, Ward and Jean Dougherty, founded the Hillsborough County Republican Party and Janet, as a Republican candidate for Hillsborough County Commission, District 4, is continuing that family legacy. From a young age, Dougherty’s heart has been with the Republican Party. In 1984, at the age of 22, she was the youngest delegate at the Ronald Reagan Convention. She has dedicated her time to volunteering for more Republican candidates than she can count, but has also given her time to many community boards and agencies. Janet was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to the Southwest Florida Water Management District Governing Board, the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council and the Tampa Bay Estuary Program Policy Board.“My background is in land use, transportation and water management,” said Dougherty. “I voted to reduce the millage rate every single year as well as staff and spending. I have dealt with these types of complex issues for over 20 years and those are the type of problems that come before the Hillsborough County Commission.”

Since starting her campaign, Janet has knocked on thousands of doors and listened to the concerns of people in District 4. Veterans, business people, retirees and the unemployed have all opened up to her.

From their local government, District 4 residents want closer attention to the budget, transparency and outreach to the people it serves.

As a business owner with private sector experience, Janet Dougherty resolves to tackle these problems by first making sure that the county budget is examined line by line and every penny is accounted for. She recently worked with community leaders to eliminate a $78 million fee that had been collected by public utilities for many years.

Once on the County Commission, Janet will continue to search the budget for more unnecessary fees and outlays. She is also a champion of veterans, responsible growth and an adequate transportation infrastructure.

In order to tackle transparency and community outreach, Janet plans to hold public meetings across the county every month. These meetings will be held all over Eastern Hillsborough County when working people can actually attend and provide input. Janet and her staff will be on hand to answer questions, listen and offer help when necessary.

“This commission seat belongs to the people of East Hillsborough,” said Dougherty. “That’s what I’ve been hearing from the people and that’s what I will deliver as your County Commissioner.”

Janet Dougherty can be reached at  708-9022 or

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