By Marisa Webber

In honor of seven decades of film, the Tampa Theatre is holding a weekly classic movie event during the summer. This event, known as Summer Classics Movie Series, is interested in the preservation of creative film and culture in the community.

The movie series takes place every Sunday at 3 p.m., showing a different classic movie every week. Movies such as Blazing Saddles and Dirty Dancing are just two films on the summer schedule. Each movie is being shown only once, with the exception of Mary Poppins and Casablanca, which will be shown the Saturday and Sunday of their premier weekend.

“This year’s lineup is sure to be the best yet, featuring classics that span seven decades and – for the second consecutive year – letting Tampa Theatre’s fans choose one of the films,” said Jill Witecki, Tampa Theatre employee.

The Summer Classics Movie Series is a great opportunity to enjoy classic movies with family and friends. The movies are not all kid friendly though, so be sure to check the ratings before attending a movie. A few of the movies are musicals, while some are action/drama films, but all are classics from the 1900s. After select movies, USF film professor Harriet Deer will hold brief discussions on the movie, free to the public.

The “old-time” theatre atmosphere adds to the culture just as much as the film itself. It is designed to make the audience feel as though they are in a true, traditional theatre. The ceiling is decorated and lit to give the feeling of a night sky, and the stage has the well-known red curtain to cover the screen before and after the film. The traditional style and special effects of the theatre create the feeling of being at a play in the past.

The Tampa Theatre has been around for almost a century, having been built in 1926 by world renowned architect John Eberson. When it was first opened in 1926, movies could be seen for merely 25 cents. Though prices are no longer that inexpensive, the theatre’s ideas on film culture have remained the same and continue to provide a historical remembrance in the community.

The classic movie event shows films priced from $10-$12 every Sunday through August 24. The theatre is located at 711 N. Franklin St. in Tampa. For more information on specific dates and prices of each film, visit fest/summer-classics-movie-series/ or call 274-8981.

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