By Robyn St. James

GetTheFactslogoThe housing industry in Florida is starting to recover, and hundreds of homes are hitting the market. Get the Facts Home Inspections is saving Florida homeowners time and money by making sure their homes are ready to be sold and bought. Certified, professional home inspectors will provide comprehensive visual inspections of both the interior and the exterior of a home.

Nearly one in 10 homes have recalled appliances. A special service, which is included in a standard inspection offered by Get the Facts Home Inspections, is the RecallChek. It is a comprehensive recall report pinpointing any free repairs that are available due to fire or safety hazards.

Most homeowners never get notifications of appliance recalls and then the cost of the repair falls on the owner when something does go wrong.

“The number of recalls has increased over the last five years since RecallChek was launched,” said Founder Nathan Thornberry.

Get the Facts Inspection Owner Joe Svehla said, “I’ve been happy to offer my clients the RecallChek program included with their home inspection. Our program provides me the opportunity to give clients a comprehensive and dynamic review of items not traditionally found in a home inspection. Clients are pleased to find out that they have options available in the event of a defect. If it is a recalled item, it will be repaired at no cost. It’s important to us that we provide our clients with as much information as possible to make informed purchasing decisions. This product is just one of many tools we use to provide a great home buying experience.”

Nearly one in 15 homes also have elevated radon gas levels. Get the Facts Home Inspection also offers home checks on radon testing, thermal imaging, wind mitigation reports, four point inspections and more.

For a home check, an inspector visits the property and examines the exterior, providing photos and/or documentation of possible issues. The owners are contacted while the inspector is on property if there are any problems.

For more information, visit getthefact or call 785-4620. Get the Facts Home Inspection is located at 867 W. Bloomingdale Ave., #6118, in Brandon.

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