By Kim Ruiz

Summertime Reminders

Summertime and sunshine mean a lot of outdoor activities are occurring in and around the South Ridge neighborhood. Please remember to follow the speed limit to protect the children and families who are out walking, biking, running, etc. Homeowners are reminded that all outdoor sports equipment, like basketball hoops, and other personal use items, must be stored out of view daily when not in use. This not only protects items from being stolen but it also maintains a neat and attractive appearance for visitors and residents alike. 

Pet Registry

Pet owners know it’s a smart idea to keep a collar with an ID tag on their pet, especially if they accidentally get out of a secured enclosure. Sometimes homeowners find a lost pet and want to ensure it finds its way home as quickly as possible. Residents who would like to join a confidential “pet registry” for the South Ridge community may send a photo and contact info for their pet to kimruiz91  In the event a pet is found without ID in the neighborhood, a reasonable effort will be made to contact the owner for a safe and happy reunion.

Coyote Sightings

A few South Ridge homeowners recently noticed two coyotes near a pond/conservation area.

While coyotes are usually spotted near dawn and dusk, this pair may be protecting a den with pups and are out searching for food to feed their family. There’s no need to be unnecessarily concerned as coyotes are common in urban areas and are generally shy around humans.

Residents can take added precautions to never leave pet food, bird food, etc. near their home as this can attract coyotes and other animals.  Remember to secure trash cans, and never feed coyotes or other wildlife. When out with a pet, always keep it on a leash. Loose or roaming pets, especially small ones, may be targeted if they’re near the coyote’s den.

The Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) has recommended against removal of the coyotes as this only creates further problems in the area.  However, a change in behavior can be reported to the FWC Wildlife Alert number at 888-404-3922.

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