By Sandy Lee

As someone who has been studying myself over the course of my lifetime, I am able to look back and see my growth, my high points and certainly my low points too. I have delved into my ideals, motives and personality for forever it seems.  I have so many ideas and questions that I don’t even know where to start. I just have to say, it is not easy to be me sometimes, though I suppose we can all say that from time to time.

Have you ever felt like you have so much to bring to your world, but don’t know how to pin-point what that is and how to do it? What’s your “special” thing that you know so much about that could bring value to others lives?

I totally remember not all that long ago being clueless and feeling below average because of not having this answer. How ridiculous is it that so many of us go through life not being aware of our gifts and the special things that we have to offer. Talk about being stuck! I was right there for far too long.

My question is, what is it costing you not to know what your specialness is? How long are you willing to push that thought out of your mind? I found out what the answer was for me and I know how to help you to find the answer that is only for you too.

Before living a life filled with purpose, I felt a deep knowing that I was missing something and that something was big and defining. Missing God’s purpose for me always felt like I was clearly missing out of His gift for me.

By digging and studying, along with a lot of prayer and meditation, God’s purpose for me was revealed. Backed by plenty of confirmation, I began to see how my new purpose really was a fit with what I had done all of my life. What was natural and easy for me was finally being used and given a name and a new life. Was it hard work? Yes, it sure was, and it clearly still is but it is easy, fulfilling, enjoyable, and each day I get to ask God, “How in the world do I get to be so blessed by being able to walk this same walk with others to show them what I have discovered finally in my own walk?”

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

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