By Michelle Caceres

Ask a FishHawk Creek Elementary student how to fold an American flag and they’ll show you thanks to the Pocket Flag Project. In honor of Patriot’s Day (September 11), a national day of service and remembrance, students at the school folded 4,000 pocket-sized flags to send to troops serving in combat zones.

The flags were packaged with a card, signed by the student that folded it, that read: “A flag for your pocket so you can always carry a little piece of home. We are praying for you and we are proud of you. Thank you for defending our country and our freedom.”

The service project was sponsored by the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and backed by Principal Pam Bush.

“These children were not alive during 9/11 and this project helps them understand that this is a day of service and remembrance,” said Bush.

The project’s goal is to put a pocket flag in the pocket of every military personnel on the front lines, expressing gratitude and appreciation for their service.

Third grade student Morgan Adams’ father was serving in Afghanistan when he received a pocket flag that he carried in his pocket every day.

She folded five flags.

“I put my name on the cards so that the soldiers would know it was from me,” she said. “I know they won’t be going to my dad because he already has one.”

Mom and project organizer Alisa Adams said the students now have an understanding of sacrifice and the cost of freedom.

“They are very willing and eager to thank and serve all of those that ensure we continue to enjoy the blessings of freedom,” she said.

Started in October 2001, groups in all 50 states have participated in the project. As of April 2013 fabric or pre-cut flags were distributed to groups to make more than two million flags. Pre-cut flags are available on the Pocket Flag Project Website for purchase at a cost of $80 for 300 flags.

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