By Nicole Heubusch

Late Dues

The Homeowners Association for Copper Ridge would like to remind residents about the lateness of dues.

If a resident is going to be late with dues, always let the management company and the HOA Board know, and this will prevent the situation from escalating into a more expensive situation.

The HOA Board as a whole can be contacted at

E-mail is the best form of contact so residents and the HOA Board can keep a record of the communication.

Mailbox Care

Also, many homes need their mailboxes cleaned. The HOA Board recommends mailbox posts be painted by Joe Lee, who can be reached at 404-1446.

For more information on Copper Ridge, visit or call 222-0577.

The HOA Board meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Florida Farm Bureau Building on the Southwest corner of Mulrennan Rd. and Hwy 60.

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