By Erik Butler

The Rack is a culinary oasis for society’s cool and happening, while folks my age typically toil in a sea of early bird specials and AYCE deals. It was time for me to step out of my ho-hum routine and get back to The Rack to check out their latest “something for everyone” menu. On top of the great food, their classy billiards room, live entertainment, game-on big screens, and daily specials make the Rack a go-to destination for those who have clearly outgrown Chuck-e-Cheese, but still like to have fun.

The main menu draw is the award winning sushi. As we know, the great sushi debate has been going on since the dawn of the first carnivores. Some folks love it, and some don’t. No worries as the lady can get her eel and cucumber roll and the caveman can get his medium rare one-half lb. burger, or vice-versa. It all works. You can even flip a coin to decide whether to eat inside in the vibrant dining area or outdoors on the rustic deck.

I started with Yummy Dip appetizer, which featured a perfect blend of spinach, artichoke and lobster on fresh pita crisps.  I can’t shake this little “spinach fetish” that I’ve been dealing with and was so glad to get my fix. Next was the outrageously delicious Bank Shot Pasta featuring fresh penne and a perfectly blackened portion of chicken blended in a cream sauce that is addictive to the point of requesting some extra in a to-go cup. I told the waitress that folks my age often request such odd “entitlements” and not to look so surprised next time. The Apple Chimichanga was the deal closer and this deep fried masterpiece infused with caramel sauce just about put me in a food coma.

The Rack is an awesome source for a private party and even hosted a wedding recently. They offer the most compelling and unique specials in town. Among them are their half off specialty Sushi Rolls and their “Lucky 7” Thursdays featuring a $7 select menu after 7 p.m. Sundays are all about their legendary 50 percent hospitality discount (with approved card), which now stretches all day and night for those with the prerequisite social endurance. Looking for a diverse night out or a great place to watch the game? Hit the Rack. For those times you want the food, but just don’t have your game on…Let the TakeOut Butler bring it to you!

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