By Kelly Wise Valdes

The Case For Christ Movie Opens Strong at Box Office

The film The Case for Christ debuted in April at the box office in the top 10 movies. According to, the film grossed close to $8,500,000 in the first two weeks of release. In addition, it’s the first film from Pure Flix studios to receive more positive than negative ratings from the critics. Although the studio’s previous films, such as God’s Not Dead were popular with Christian audiences, it didn’t receive favorable reviews from critics.

The film tells the compelling true story of atheist journalist Lee Strobel who sets out to prove that Christianity isn’t true, but finds that such a task is more than he bargained for. Strobel ultimately must grapple with the evidence for the historical Jesus, as well as a Jesus who is alive and well today. The film also follows the conflict that emerges in Strobel’s marriage when his wife, Leslie, becomes a Christian.

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Facebook Blocks 20 Million People From Pastor’s Posts

Steven Andrew has been called the Facebook pastor and was asked to run for president by social media fans. He reached as many as one million people on a post. However, he believes Facebook censored 20 million people from him since November. Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and author of Jesus Makes America Great. He contacted Facebook, but the company brushed it off.

Andrew’s analysis showed he reached 4.6 million people per 28 days in October/November 2016. But now his posts are shown to about 600,000 people per 28 days. That is about one million less people per week. Andrew already thought he was being censored, since he reached up to eight million people a month earlier with the gospel.

To keep in more frequent contact with Andrew, he asks people to sign up for the One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side email.

Christian International Film Festival Celebrates Five Years

The 2017 International Christian Film Festival, presented by 24 Flix, in Association with 4G Films is one of the fastest growing film festivals in the world. The annual event that started as a small festival in Orlando has become the largest Christian Film Festival in the world and is also the most respected. It has been called the Academy Awards for Christian Filmmakers. It is also the only Christian Film Festival that has a screening in France each year during the Cannes Film Festival.

More than 503 films were submitted from 40 different countries and in addition, more than 2,500 people are expected to attend this year’s festivities.

This year’s red carpet will broadcast live on TATV. It has partnered with the festival this year to broadcast the award ceremony at a later date. Viewers can watch at via Apple TV. For more information, visit

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