By Kelly Wise Valdes

As another Independence Day approaches, many of us reflect on our founding fathers, our freedoms and the Christian principles that our country was founded upon. Many of us will enjoy July 4 with our families and friends but let’s not forget the freedoms that are afforded to us because of this incredible nation we live in. During the fireworks and festivities, take the time to explain to your children the principles that formed our nation and the true meaning of Independence Day. Many of the books below are different perspectives of America’s Birthday and may help you reflect on our exceptional nation that our founding father’s created.

The Story Of America’s Birthday
By Patricia Pingry

Teach even your youngest about the founding of America. This faith-based children’s book covers the colonies, the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War in kid-friendly language, leading up to why we celebrate the 4th of July.

The National Anthem
By Elaine Landau

This fascinating book explains the history behind our national anthem. The book features photos and helpful visuals to teach young readers about the story behind this beloved song. With little-known facts and other historical trivia, this book is fun for all ages.

Faith & Freedom: The Founding Fathers in Their Own Words
By Robert Gingrich

The Founding Fathers are often portrayed as unbelievers, but what did they really think about God, the Bible, and Christianity? In this easy-to-read survey, biographical details, historical facts, and excerpts from the writings of Patrick Henry, John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison reveal a surprising affirmation of their Christian beliefs.

Stand Strong America: Courage, Freedom, and Hope for Tomorrow
By Alex McFarland, Jason Jimenez

This book provides Americans with real answers and courage to stand strong in the midst of uncertainty and fear. It explains the courageous faith that existed when America was created. Readers will be encouraged and challenged to cherish freedom, pray for a better tomorrow, make a difference and stand strong no matter the cost.

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