By Amy Schechter

Air conditioning is something Floridians take for granted until it fails, and when it does, it needs to be fixed yesterday. We all need someone whom we can trust, and Deforest Brown, owner of Brown Comfort Systems will come to your rescue.

He started Brown Comfort Systems in 2005 after having spent time in the AC industry where he learned invaluable skills he uses every day, but he wasn’t happy. He relays the reason he left and went into business for himself: “I was between the company owner, the manager, and the customer. The manager would tell you to do things that just were not right for the customer. I am more into building relationships, but with some of these big companies, they want to take all the money they can and leave.” He knew that he could deliver reliable service while keeping the customers’ best interests in mind. Over ten years later, the proof is in his satisfied customers who appreciate his timely, professional service.

Brown Comfort Systems specializes in all heating and cooling needs and promises integrity every step of the way. Brown wants his customers to get the best deal, and he’ll always make sure that if you need a new system, it’s because the cost of maintaining or repairing the old one wouldn’t make fiscal sense. He wants to live up to the motto: Brown Comfort Systems provides quality that you can feel, with price you can afford, and service that you can trust.

For more information, visit Brown is on call 24/7 although business hours officially state Monday-Saturday 7:30AM to 5:30PM. Whether your AC is on its last leg or in need of routine maintenance, give him a call at 671-2555.

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