By Tamas Mondovics

Riverview area residents were last month to give their input into a Hillsborough County proposal to create a waterfront community park along the Alafia River.
According to County representatives assisting those in attendance during the open-house format meeting at the Riverview Civic Center, 11020 Park Drive explained that the proposed resource based 28-acre park on the south side of the Alafia is about a mile east of Interstate 75.

Officials told residents that easily accessible, parklands along the urbanized portions of the Alafia River are scarce, adding that the Riverview area, with its increasing population, requires additional passive parkland and river access to accommodate the recreational needs of this growing community. 

The new park is promising to include a number much-welcomed amenities such as a fishing dock, boardwalk, and scenic overlook several paved trails, picnic shelters or pavilions along with an open play area. Supporting facilities including paved parking and restrooms are all in the plan.

Hillsborough County recently approved a contract to purchase the land from Mosaic Fertilizer for $2 million, 25 percent below its appraised value. (The Land Acquisition is $2,000,000, and Park Design and Construction will cost an additional $1,800,000.) Funding is provided by the Riverview/Brandon Area Parks CIP (C83266000).

Officials added that as part of the acquisition agreement, Mosaic, Inc. retains naming rights for the proposed park.

With the completion of the acquisition, and park design finalized, construction will begin within two years.

As an added amenity for County’s ever-growing needs, a $15 million regional Tournament Sports Complex on a County-owned property in the Brandon area is also in the making. According to officials, the project funded from the Community Investment Tax and General Revenues will include sports fields, restrooms, concessions, parking, lighting, storage and maintenance buildings and will provide a regional amateur tournament sports venue. It is also said to stimulate economic development within Hillsborough County.

More information on the Tournament Sports Complex will come as it becomes available.

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