Above Photo: People’s Choice Award winner, Andy Hamilton – ‘Flying Minion’

As you probably know by now, twice a year, we sponsor a Recycled Yard Art Contest, one at the Hillsborough County Fair and one at the Florida State Fair. The purpose of the Recycled Yard Art Contest was to increase environmental awareness and encourage reuse/recycling of materials into yard art. The competition involved two and three dimensional art created from items already used for their original purpose. During the twelve days of the 2018 Florida State Fair, attendees voted for the People’s Choice award on one of the 32 entries submitted. The votes have been tallied, all 11,501 of them (an increase from the 2017 vote total of 9,142), and the winner is: Andy Hamilton for the ‘Flying Minion’ created with propane tanks, fans, bicycle parts, rebar and a chain.

JoAnn Emerson won first place in the adult category for her “Chauncey the Garden Sprinkler” which was created from a trash can, bucket, planter, bottle caps, BBQ skewers, garden tools, vacuum cleaner hoses, PCV pipe, rain gauge, functioning irrigation sprinkler and a thermometer.

Greco Middle School won the first place Middle School Award for their creation, ‘Happy Bottle Bush’ that utilized plastic hangers, chlorine bucket, plastic bottles and tubes from a printer.

The first place award for an Elementary School went to Lucas Maytum, The Art Factory, for the ‘Dog House’ made with beads, a yard sign and shelf liner.

First place for a High School was awarded to Erin Connor from Wharton High School for her ‘Giant Fly’ created from an old purse, bubble wrap, pine needles, soundproof board and newspaper.

Thanks so much to all of all of the artists who submitted entries. Lisa, our co-workers, Master Gardener volunteers and I certainly enjoyed talking with everyone that walked by our booth. Right now would be a great time for all of you creative types to start visualizing your entry in our next Recycled Yard Art contest which will be held at the Hillsborough County Fair. We hope many of you will participate. Thanks for Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Repeating.

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