As the photographic industry has changed with the advent of the cell phone and digital cameras, Huth & Booth Photography has moved with the times and is taking the studio in a new direction. While Ed Booth and Betty Huth still do the people photography, they have now ventured into the realm of Real Estate Photography, photographing homes for magazines and advertising and for the MLS service used by realtors.

They have found this to be a very successful market and photograph about 300 homes per year (about four to ten houses weekly). Realtors have found that the use of professional photographs increase the likelihood of selling the home 80% faster than when using cell phone photos. Consumer’s time is valuable. They use the internet to decide which homes they will see personally and which they eliminate. Realtors know they have to capture them at this beginning stage of their search for a new home. Professional photographs do this.

With over 50 years of photographic experience, Huth & Booth have the knowledge and skill to give this industry the finest in architectural photography. They have the proper equipment necessary to be sure the home is displayed in the best light. If a drone is necessary, Huth & Booth can provide that.

Virtual tours are common products with links for both a branded tour as well as an unbranded one for MLS. Mp4 files can be produced for use on YouTube and other sites. The goal is to help the realtor make the sale as quickly as possible.

As successful as this new market has become, Huth & Booth still does people photography. Business Portraits are also a significant part of their business model. A good portrait is often the first impression made as a business person. Your portrait helps you put your ‘best face forward.’

Individual and family portraits are still a part of the model, though not as much as in the past. Copy and Restoration of old or damaged photos is a growing segment of the business. Using new technology, they can restore color to images faded by time, repair cracked and torn photos to look like new, and composite images to create images that never existed before.

Huth & Booth Photography has been in business in the Brandon Area since 2005 when they moved to the area from the Silicon Valley in California. They have been recognized by both the Greater Riverview Chamber and The Greater Brandon Chamber as Business of the Year. Visit or by phone at 447-9909.

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