Pictured is the Gibbs Family, who travel across the United States performing and praising Jesus with their unique blend of Christian worship music.

Hazel Cruze is 103 years old, and a long-time member of the Sydney Baptist Church. Pastor Jimmy Evans likens the church to this endearing and enduring saint.

“We want to have the same footprint as the cornerstone of the original church,” said Pastor Evans. “We are here to keep the Gospel alive.”

Formerly known as Union Church, the current facility is only a quarter mile from where the church was founded in 1908. A cornerstone still marks the location of the 1926 sanctuary, which was built on this same campus at 1510 Cre Road in Dover.

In a day when the average church lifespan is barely 40 years, this rural church is proving that God honors His Word in a church that lives the message of the Gospel. Pastor Evans continues to keep that message the core focus of the body.

He said, “We’re just a building, but we want to keep that same footprint. Keep the Gospel simple.”

Pastor Evans plans a program and message that focuses on the core principle, which has defined the church for over a hundred years – Continuing the Gospel.

The church will commemorate 109 years with a special dinner and concert on Saturday, September 22, with additional events on Sunday. Music will be provided by the Gibbs Family of Titusville.

Vernon Gibbs noted how Sydney Baptist Church embraces a variety of Christian music styles and said, “We will be ministering a blend of contemporary Christian, Southern Gospel, and classic hymns.”

Their unique musical flavor promises something for everyone, whether you are three or a hundred and three.

Sydney Baptist Church invites the community to join in as it celebrates this event. The two-day celebration begins at 5:30 p.m. with a southern favorite low country boil style dinner on the grounds, followed by the Gibbs family concert at 7 p.m. The birthday celebration will continue at the 11 a.m. Sunday service.

Further details and directions are available on the church website sydneybaptistchurch.org, or by calling the church office at 659-1502

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Amanda Boston is the Christian Voice Editor for the Osprey Observer. She is a graduate of Bible Training for Church Leaders (BTCL), who enjoys sharing how God is working in and through the community. Amanda resides in FishHawk with her husband and two children.