Howie Angeloni is the founder of Angeloni Tax Advisory Group.

Licensed fiduciary Howie Angeloni views himself as a financial protector. He does not want clients to lose money and he does not charge any fees to his customers. The Air Force veteran of 21 years does not cut corners, and morally, always does the right thing. He worked in the communications planning area at U.S. Central Command on MacDill AFB before retiring in 2000.

Angeloni enjoys being able to help clients achieve their financial goals. “I like to see the looks on people’s faces when they don’t lose money when the market goes down and when they are able to make money,” he said. “I like showing clients that they actually have a positive financial future.”

Angeloni’s son, Mitch Angeloni, has joined the family business, and has been working there for just under a year. Mitch is the Agency Manager, and he will take over the business one day when his father retires. “I am teaching him the ropes, and to always put his clients before himself,” Angeloni said.

His company, Angeloni Tax Advisory, offers a wide array of financial services, from insurance products, funeral estate planning, investment services, to savings accounts and CDs, all the way to stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and anything in between. He also does social security workshops to explain to people when the best and most efficient time to take social security is.

Angeloni’s ultimate goal is to help as many people as the company can. According to Angeloni, his clients do not get charged any fees for services. The only fee is if he manages stocks, bonds and mutual funds for clients. He only has to charge a fee because the companies charge him a fee. He said that if he could manage for no cost he would, and only charges the minimal .5 percent for his investment services.

“We marry tax advice, estate planning, retirement advice and income planning so that the future for the retiree looks more like a runway than a mountain, so that they are not going up and down and worrying about tomorrow,” Angeloni said. “We sell ‘sleep insurance’ so that way, when they go to bed at night, they know things are taken care of for the future.”

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