Joseph LaViola, Network Technician, provides computer services at affordable prices.

By Bill McKay

You start your day and you are having a great morning. You turn on your computer to check the news, emails, social media and business communications. Nothing happens. Perhaps you purchased a computer and need help with setup, software and the home or business network.

RoLaV Computers was started by Joseph LaViola in 2014 to fill a void, servicing the computer needs of individuals, residential customers and small businesses. He is a trained Network Technician with over 25 years of experience in many different industries and has the education, certifications and skills necessary to service a wide variety of computers and networks.

RolaV Computers provides network and network engineering services and supports the many devices on a network including computers, servers, phones, printers and tablets that are part of today’s system environment. He provides consultation, virus detection and removal, system backup and imaging, training and provides recommendations for software and applications to support the needs of the user.

LaViola approaches his business by communicating with his clients, “Explaining exactly what I do in terms they can understand, and in terms that don’t confuse my clients.” His demeanor, how he was raised and how he relates to people is what sets him apart. He was raised in a close-knit family environment and that is how he treats his customers. Making sure the job is done right and not overcharging anyone has led to his business growth, more than tripling by the word of mouth of his customers.

LaViola has an interest in knowing how things operate. Raised by an engineer, he was taught how to fix things himself. He has fixed his home air conditioner, car and tackled plumbing and electrical issues. This curiosity applies to his work on computers and networks. He also enjoys golf, college football, jogging and taking care of his yard.

If you have any computer or network issues, RoLaV Computers can assess customer needs and find solutions that fix the problem—and fit your budget.

RoLaV Computers is located in Riverview and serves Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Sun City Center and the entire SouthShore area. RoLaV Computers can be reached at 294-4047 or via email at To find out more, visit the RoLaV Computers website at

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