The Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale (PCoB) may seem unassuming from the outside; however, it is bustling with activities and excited about the future plans for serving the community around it.

Reverend Susan Hill, the lead pastor, is enthusiastic about the church’s future.

“My favorite part about Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale is the people in the congregation,” said Pastor Hill. “We are an open and welcoming church.”

With a history dating back almost 36 years, PCoB has been a mainstay in the Brandon area. In August of 1986, a congregation of 46 people attended worship at a local daycare center, and PCoB was formalized in April 1989.

By November 1990, the church had secured land at the current site and broke ground for a facility that would serve the small, committed congregation. The first service at the present location was held on May 26, 1992.

The parishioners are not only committed to their faith and their church, but they are also committed to serving others.

“We are a church family in which everyone is participating by being the hands, feet and heart of Christ,” said Pastor Hill.

She continued, “We are very mission-focused in meeting the needs of the community and the greater world. We are the home for Boy Scout Troop 61, the nonprofit Seeds of Hope, eight different support groups and a physical fitness group.”

In addition, the church is very involved with the Honduran Presbyterian Mission. The congregation supports the Honduran children and youth with educational scholarships, and some of its members will be in Honduras in July 2020 to help build houses, support the medical mission and provide a vacation Bible school experience.

The newest mission for PCoB is to launch an adult daycare for persons with memory loss. Recent research has indicated that one out of every five people will be affected with memory loss.

“We have many in our community who need this daytime assistance for a family member,” said Pastor Hill. “PCoB’s mission is to meet the needs of senior citizens, persons with disabilities and social injustice with compassion, shelter and dedication to which we are called as God’s people.”

The capital campaign to build the adult daycare center on the church grounds will kick off on Thursday, January 2, 2020. There will also be a church yard sale on Saturday, February 29, with proceeds going to support the Honduras mission.

The church is located at 710 E. Bloomingdale Ave. in Brandon. For more information, call 654-3699 or visit

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