Young guests present their creations from a We Teach Plants event.

By Hayley Fedor

With a bit of interesting knowledge, maybe just a sprinkle of dirt and a lot of fun, We Teach Plants in Winthrop gets individuals engaging with plants on a whole new level.

The local, family-owned business is run by FishHawk resident Lauren Felker, who not only has a passion and love for plants but also a natural inclination for teaching. The idea for We Teach Plants sprouted from the success of a plant and home decor boutique owned by Felker’s mother that opened in 2019.

“So many of our customers at the plant shop had questions about plant care that we decided to put our passions and skills together and offer plant workshops,” said Felker.

We Teach Plants offers events and workshops during which guests are able to get hands-on with plants and learn about them at the same time.

For the staff of We Teach Plants, the goal is “to provoke a passion for houseplants in everyone, all while enjoying an unforgettable eco experience at one of our unique events,” said Felker.

One of the special services available at We Teach Plants is a Kids Plant Club that takes place on Saturday mornings once a month. Through this club, kids are involved in planting sessions centered around a theme. By participating, kids can take home a new plant friend and lots of new knowledge about plants.

Other We Teach Plants activities include monthly DIY workshops held on Saturday evenings, featuring events like terrarium building and houseplants 101 that are sure to bring out the green thumb in any participant.

Beyond the monthly events offered, We Teach Plants accommodates with custom events as well that give customers the freedom of choice. Individuals can invite up to eight guests for a workshop of their choosing on a reserved date. We Teach Plants works to turn plant dreams into reality.

“Whether a baby shower, a birthday party or a business function, we’ve got the perfect unique activity,” said Felker. “The possibilities are endless.”

The business mainly operates out of the Full Grown Girl plant shop located at 11292 Sullivan St. in Riverview in Winthrop Town Centre, where workshops and other events are held; however, We Teach Plants also offers mobile workshops that deliver the excitement to you.

To find out more about the business and any upcoming events, visit

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