Learning you need colorectal surgery can be a bit overwhelming at first. Knowing how to find the right surgical care team can go a long way in helping you feel more prepared—and at ease—with what comes next. That’s why we’re suggesting some important questions to ask before making a decision.

Is the surgeon you’re considering:

1. Supported by the right team?

It takes a whole team to ensure you get the best possible care. In many cases, your surgeon might need to draw upon the experience and advice of specially trained nurses and surgeons with expertise in other areas of medicine.

2. Board certified?

All colorectal surgeons start off as general surgeons. With the mentorship of an experienced colorectal surgeon, these board-certified general surgeons can perform colorectal procedures.

A board-certified colon and rectal surgeon, however, must complete a rigorous one-year accredited fellowship and pass additional boards.

3. Experienced?

Surgeons with more experience performing the same procedure many times tend to have better outcomes. Being treated by a ‘high-volume’ colon and rectal surgeon means you will likely experience fewer complications and shorter hospital stays.

It’s also important to know if your surgeon is experienced in minimally invasive techniques. Finding a surgeon who is skilled in laparoscopic and robotic methods can ultimately mean less pain after surgery and a faster recovery.

4. Someone you like?

Trusting your surgeon and having a good rapport is key to your success and recovery. Your surgeon should always be open to having discussions with you about your treatment options and to explaining your procedure at the level of detail you need to feel confident you’re in good hands.

We’re Here To Help

The colon and rectal surgeons at AdventHealth Digestive Institute Tampa have the advanced training and experience to provide you or your loved one with outstanding surgical outcomes. Whether you need an initial consultation or a second opinion, AdventHealth is ready for your call at 844-200-3336.

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