The Grand Champion team in action.

By Samantha Trezevant

Esports have been increasing in popularity within the last couple of years. NASEF (North American Scholastic Esports Federation) organized a competition to challenge each other in esports.

The mission of NASEF is to provide opportunities for all students to use esports as a platform to acquire critical communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life.

Students from Bloomingdale High School expanded on this opportunity and participated in a competition held by NASEF. They participated in a nationwide Rocket League competition, which is a 3v3 online game where you play soccer with cars and a giant soccer ball.

Merrick Bass, Brandon Belcher and Nick Stephens are the three students who entered the competition and won in their division. These three students call themselves the GC team, which is short for the Grand Champion team. This team is the only one from the Southeastern United States to qualify for the national Rocket League tournament.

The Grand Champion team worked tirelessly in order to prepare. According to one of the competitors, it took lots and lots of dedicated practice. It was important to the team that everyone showed up and was consistent in their practice. The team valued each other’s desire to improve.

This is a big deal to the school, as it is their first year as a team. They were able to get people together and practice hard enough to win on a national level in the course of a year.

The team is thrilled to have made it this far. “I’m happy Rocket League has gotten the attention it deserves, it’s such a great competitive game. I think we will do well,” said one of the Grand Champion team members.

This month, Bass, Belcher and Stephens will be competing on the game’s largest platform. To check out their full schedule, visit

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