Volunteers from the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce recently volunteered at the YMCA Camp Cristina to prepare the location for summer.

The YMCA Camp Cristina, a popular Riverview summer camp location, is looking better this month thanks to some local volunteers.

Members of the 2021 Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) recently joined the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce for a day of painting, staining, building, pressure washing and cleaning at YMCA Camp Cristina so that kids can enjoy the upcoming summer camp season.

Camp Cristina is a 55-acre outdoor center which hosts day camps for rising first through 10th-graders.

“The natural world provides an almost foolproof place to create new memories, gain a new vocabulary of experiences and new friends to share them with,” said GRCC Communications Coordinator Jeff Caetano. “Camp Cristina is more than an outdoor experience. It is where kids can build friendships and self-confidence throughout the summer that will last a lifetime. It also provides a place where campers can feel accepted, trusted and supported, which enables them to trust and support themselves and others.”

According to Caetano, YMCA Camp Cristina’s most popular programs and activities include summer camp, swim lessons, birthday parties, family night out, youth sports, after-school care, group exercise, archery, horse riding, arts and crafts, a covered basketball court, a ropes course, corporate team building and more.

Camp Cristina is located directly across from the new Riverview Public Library on Balm Riverview Rd. For more information, you can visit their website at www.tampaymca.org/locations/ymca-camp-cristina or you can reach them by phone at 677-8400.

To learn more about the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce, located at 6152 Delancey Station St., Ste. 205 in Riverview, call 234-5944 or visit www.riverviewchamber.com.

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