The first annual Patriotic Bike Parade at the Buckhorn Oaks neighborhood brought the community together to honor Independence Day.

Individuals all decked out in red, white and blue attire, along with their bicycles and strollers, could be seen around the Buckhorn Oaks neighborhood located in Valrico during its first annual Patriotic Bike Parade. The B.O.M. (Buckhorn Oaks Moms) Squad Committee created this special event to commemorate Independence Day. Members of the committee consist of four women, including Kaitlyn Miller, Justine Walloga, Lily Beaudry and Kristen Hamilton.

Kaitlyn Miller, president and founder of The B.O.M. Squad Committee, mentioned how this event came into fruition.

“With many new kids in our neighborhood, this was an opportunity to get to know our neighbors and come together as a community to honor our country,” Miller said.

A total of 50 people attended, which included residents of this neighborhood as well as those who do not reside there, whether they were friends or family. Once the parade concluded, ice pops and sparklers were provided by The B.O.M. Squad Committee. Miller felt well pleased with the turnout since it was their first one opened to the public.

The committee became established this year. Activities and events such as this did not exist. Miller wanted to develop a similar environment as the one she grew up in for the Buckhorn Oaks neighborhood.

Besides the first annual Patriotic Bike Parade, the committee hosted a few other events, such as a free ice cream sundae bar the day that the kids got out of school and more. Some events cost money. To help raise funds for activities, the committee also has a lemonade stand. The next lemonade stand was held at the Buckhorn Oaks neighborhood on July 17 at 11 a.m.

“Our overall goal with the committee would be to have a community where everyone knows one another,” Miller said.

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If you have questions or are interested in donating to help The B.O.M. Squad Committee put together more community events, email

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