Carole Yokell of the Zellwood Institute provides invaluable educational coaching services.

Sometimes, trial and error just won’t cut it, and you need to rely on the expertise of others for your family or business’ needs. With over 20 years of experience, Carole Yokell of the Zellwood Institute provides invaluable educational coaching services.

Yokell has worked with general education students and individuals with special needs both in public school classrooms and in the preschool she owned and operated. Her love of children is so evident, but her business savviness is unparalleled. After earning an MBA in 2013, she began the Zellwood Institute three years later because of her passion for education and her drive to help others.

Currently a doctoral candidate working on her dissertation, Yokell said, “I learned everything the hard way by making mistakes, and I found I have so much to offer others.”

For families, Yokell creates organizational skills and time management programs for students from elementary through higher education. She has found that since the world went virtual, students, even college students, may need a third party to come in to provide organizational and motivational support. She can tailor a program to your family’s needs whether your child attends a brick-and-mortar or online school.

Having owned and operated a preschool since 2004 until just recently, Yokell gained a wealth of knowledge. Not only can she help teachers modify the classroom for students with special needs, she also has much operational knowledge. For example, many centers want to expand, but they often run into zoning issues.

Through word of mouth, many have come to know Yokell as the training specialist. She is available to help you navigate the murky waters of licensing and compliance so you can complete your project and move forward. That way, you can grow your business, but, more importantly, you can focus on your most important clients: your students.

Yokell is available to consult on projects for daycare centers and preschools, charter and private schools, assisted living centers and gyms. She is also available for individual and group CPR, first aid and basic water rescue classes, even if you are not affiliated with one of these institutions. For example, many local churches and Scouting groups have used her services. In addition, she offers live classes as well as blended and online classes.

For more information or to schedule a service, call 449-0700 or visit You can also email Yokell directly at

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