Lithia resident and personal trainer Lucy Prev created a TikTok video of her weight loss transformation.

TikTok isn’t just a place to share choreographed dance moves or short comedy skits. For Lithia and former New Jersey resident Lucy Prev, a 21-year-old personal trainer, it’s also the place to document her six-month weight loss journey in a 30-second time lapse video.

Bergin was inspired to make the video last September after watching Oklahoma resident Hunter Hobbs’ weight loss transformation video, going from 202 pounds to 160 pounds in three months.

“I’m a certified personal trainer, but during the pandemic I gained 30 pounds,” confessed Prev.

She and her best friend, Alyssa Wiedrich, who had also gained weight during the pandemic, put their knowledge and expertise to use, changing their eating habits and creating a daily exercise regimen. While her friend was following a keto diet, Prev said she preferred a protein and carb-based diet.

“My goals included muscle gain and since I was lifting heavy weights, my body needed protein but also equally important carbohydrates,” she said. “My body was using those calories and replacing fat with lean muscle.”

Prev didn’t realize how much her body had changed until she started making the video. “Progress pictures are so important,” said Prev. “If I hadn’t been documenting it, I wouldn’t have realized how far I’d come.”

Prev and Wiedrich, who were featured on The Today Show, have started GritttFit, a website offering Zoom and in-person personal training sessions as well as its 35 Days To Fit Challenge.

“This was something we’ve wanted to do since we first met in college,” Prev said.

Prev, who has scoliosis, said she never felt like she had a ‘normal’ body type. Growing up, she was constantly comparing her body to others.

“We want to teach women that everybody is a normal body type,” she said. “Each of us are on our own personal fitness journey and as a community we should come together and be proud of one another.”

She said fitness is an outlet and beginning the journey can be the most difficult part. “It’s so hard to take the first step, but it’s important to make your physical and mental health a priority because you need to make time for you,” said Prev.

For more information, visit or email Prev at

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