Kathy Lucket (middle) with kids during their first Up Owl Night sleepover.

By Debra Garcia

A child’s birthday can be very exciting, as it is the one day a year they get to make memories with their friends and family, celebrating their lives up till that point. There are many ways that kids these days celebrate their birthdays, whether it’s with a party, going to an arcade, visiting a theme park or even having sleepovers.

Sleepovers can be tricky to host, though. Not anymore. Up Owl Night Sleepover Adventures is a new local business in the FishHawk area that hosts children’s birthday sleepovers. Founded by the mother-daughter duo Kathy Lucket and Bree Music, Up Owl Night Sleepover Adventures was made to bring wonderful memories to all children who come through their doors.

“Growing up, sleepovers were a staple in our home and birthdays have always been something our family has taken very seriously. Still to this day, we have some of our most fond memories of sleepovers we have held,” said Music.

Music has a background in elementary education and loves to bring children’s imaginations to life. Luckett is known as the fairy grandmother to her family and friends and has an incredible gift of decorating. Together, they combined their skills to open Up Owl Night Sleepover Adventures.

These are not just ordinary sleepovers, however. Every sleepover has a specific theme. Right now, its themes include ‘Unicorn Dreaming,’ ‘Wilderness Explorers,’ ‘Pretty in Pink,’ ‘Dinosaur Island,’ ‘Princess Ice Palace,’ ‘Game On’ and ‘Calling All Superheroes.’ Up Owl Night Sleepover Adventures hopes to make more themes as time progresses.

Not only does Up Owl Night Sleepover Adventures have very reasonable pricing, starting at $130, a lot is included in all pricings. This consists of delivery, setup and takedown of everything, including indoor overnight tents, plush mattresses, mattress covers, sheets, blankets, throw pillows, trays, table lights and decor, decorative garlands, teepee lights and a small present for each child.

Booking a birthday sleepover is very easy as well. Just visit its website, click “book a party” and book a day and time that is available. Up Owl Night Sleepover Adventures is recommended from children ages 5 and up.

“Our hopes are that we would like Up Owl Night Sleepover Adventures to become well known in the community. We want to host as many parties as we can because we want children to experience how fun a themed sleepover can be,” said Music.

For more information, please visit the Up Owl Night Sleepover Adventures’ website at https://www.upowlnightadventures.com/, its Facebook page at Up Owl Night Sleepover Adventures LLC or email Music at sales@upowlnightadventures.com.

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