AMVETS and the Liberty Manor for Veterans raised $1,520 for the manor.

By Ariana Pedraza

Around the country there are programs to assist military veterans who may have issues they cannot help themselves with, but often these programs focus on veterans suffering from an addiction or mental health disorder. Locally, the Liberty Manor for Veterans has geared its services towards the veterans that are struggling with homelessness and do not suffer from addictions.

The Liberty Manor for Veterans, Inc.’s message is to “promote the developmental and social needs of disabled, honorably discharged veterans who have fallen victim to homelessness by providing them transitional, supported housing and establishing objectives designed to attribute to self-sufficiency.”

Connie Lindsay, board member of the Hillsborough County Homeless Coalition, founded the manor—the first of its kind in America-based on that mission in 2006, with every intention to help as much as she could.

“What we do here is important,” said Lindsey. “We do our best to help veterans that can sometimes fall under the radar.”

The manor does not only house these veterans but aims to assist them in becoming independent and aids them in securing career opportunities.

Highly supported by volunteer services, the manor has worked with the Department of Correction, local churches and individuals wanting to help in order to keep the manor going strong.

Recently, AMVETS, a veterans service organization, helped the Liberty Manor raise money to continue its services to the highest quality with a fundraising event. The money raised from the event is marked to buy food and necessities such as detergent and toilet paper, among other things.

Additionally, the Liberty Manor is always looking for assistance. To donate, visit its website,, where you will find a donation button, or mail to P.O. Box 274081 Tampa, FL 33688 or email Money goes toward necessities, housing bills and things like electricity and cable. To help by volunteering, call Lindsay at 900-9422. Everyone is welcome to volunteer, and all helped is appreciated.

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