The Apollo Beach Community Garden club gardens together on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

By Makenzie Atkins

Communities all over the world are looking for beautiful ways to connect, and a group of gardeners in Apollo Beach is doing just that with its community garden. The beautiful community garden in Apollo Beach has plots available to rent along with many community plants for everyone to share and is always encouraging gardeners to join the club.

The Apollo Beach Community Garden rents out small spots for gardeners in the community to grow anything they would like. Some gardeners have things like onions, bok choy, herbs and many other plants in their box.

The garden has two raised beds and one ADA bed available for rent.

It costs $37.50 per year to lease a bed and $27 a year to join the club, along with 10 hours of community service in the common areas.

Along with personal gardening spots, the club also has an area it likes to share. In this area, there are things like strawberry trees, papayas, avocados, neem oil, dragon fruits and many other fruits and vegetables.

Recently, the Apollo Beach Community Garden was the recipient of the Placemaking Grant from the National Association of Realtors. In February of 2021, a group of realtors volunteered at the garden to build two picnic tables and two blueberry troughs with blueberry bushes; donated irrigation for the west and south perimeter, shovels, spades hand tools and a new marque; and mulched the forest.

Besides all the fun things the garden offers, like holiday decorations and guest speaker events, it also creates a loving and educational environment for the community to connect to one another.

“Our gardeners are truly wonderful, sharing people and so welcoming that I never left,” said Jill Conson, a member with the garden club. “I never go there and not learn something.”

The garden will also be hosting its annual plant sale to raise funds for projects. The sale will be on Saturday, March 5, 2022, and it will be selling cuttings, seeds, saplings and full plants. It hopes to raise enough money for a shade pavilion where gardeners can take a break from the heat.

The garden started from a dreamer and has grown into a beautiful spot that the whole community can enjoy.

For more information, please contact Conson at or find the garden on Facebook @apollobeachgardenclub.

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