Kimberly Malaj, a former area resident, has written several books inspired by exploration of her husband Arti’s home country of Albania and its beautiful mountains. Her latest book, Protectors of Time, will be published this month.

Former MiraBay Breeze resident Kimberley Malaj has written a series of books based upon Northern Albanian folk tales, myths and legends. Malaj now lives on her husband, Arti’s 10th generation homestead in Bajzë, Albania.

According to Malaj, “The fantasy series is woven from the fabric of my new life here. The Albanian folklore and scenery described in the books are from my hiking experiences and tales my husband and his family have shared. The series offers a high-paced adventure with lots of twists.”

Malaj’s first book, Castle of Teskom, is the first in the series known as the Ember in Time series. Castle of Teskom is based upon Itra and Danae, who stumble across an ancient secret kept hidden behind a reflection in time near their Albanian home. A faded memory and cryptic messages have propelled them to risk an encounter with foes from Greek mythology, altering their perception of Albanian folklore and reality.

The second book, Recover or Yield, is based on Danae and her brother, Leon, descendants of Zeus, who are thrust into a world they barely understand. A new responsibility to protect and serve the goddess Ember and the Castle of Teskom after Danae’s husband, Itra, a descendant of Mui, and his family failed to protect the castle from an attack led by Poseidon and Medusa.

The third book, Protectors of Time, will be published this month. Protectors of Time is set six months after Itra and Danae were ejected from the Castle of Teskom, then an alarming phone call sends them back, and not by choice. They are aided by the support of the new alliance of descendants from the bloodlines of Zeus and Mui and the Protectors of Time. They arrive just in time to defend the castle from Ember’s scorned ex-lover, Chronos. But the list of opponents evolves as they uncover an ancient prophecy of a new beginning of time between the four dimensions.

Malaj has also written a fourth book, which is nonfiction, The Old Untold. It is inspired by the weekly conversations with her 87-year-old Grandma Rex, a true legend and Vietnam War widow.

Malaj’s books are available both online and in hardcover versions. You can also request her books at your local libraries. Audiobook versions of the books will be available the end of 2022. For more information, please visit

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