Center Place Fine Arts & Civic Association and Mosaic have partnered on an art therapy program that will be free for all local veterans. The Veterans’ Art Therapy program began on November 3 of this year. It’s offered at Center Place on Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m.-12 Noon.

Mosaic and Center Place Fine Arts & Civic Association have partnered on an art therapy program that will be free for all local veterans.

“Mosaic seeks to make meaningful investments that enhance our communities and positively impact people’s lives,” said Mosaic’s senior social responsibility specialist, Christopher Johnson. “Our sponsorship of the Veterans’ Art Therapy program provides a great opportunity to support a resource in our community that will benefit veterans who have experienced trauma.”

It is open to all veterans, and they don’t need to have any artistic skills.

“No cost to the veterans who attended, no hidden agenda,” said art instructor Phyllis Alexandroff. “Vets could come in, check it out and do some art.”

Mosaic strives to be a thoughtful and engaged neighbor, investing carefully and generously as it seeks long-term partnerships with organizations that are making a difference. Mosaic is dedicated to advancing the many ways that its business contributes to the sustainable development of the communities where it operates.

“The Veterans’ Art Therapy program is a great opportunity to provide a safe space for veterans in our community to gather, fellowship and share their experiences,” Johnson said. “Community programs such as these are very important since they provide another valuable resource for veterans in our community. Mosaic employs many veterans, and we honor all of those who have served our country.”

Center Place and Mosaic hope local veterans will be a part of this new art therapy program designed especially for them.

“Our hope is that the veterans who participate in this new program will be able to express their feelings, move past their personal struggles and improve their ability to communicate through art therapy,” Johnson said. “Additionally, we hope to provide the necessary support for Center Place to successfully host the Veterans’ Art Therapy program for the next year.”

If you would like to learn more about the Veterans’ Art Therapy program at Center Place or if you’d like to attend, you can visit Center Place’s new website at or call 685-8888.

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