By Bob Swezey, General Manager

Golf is the closest sport to real life. Both are games to a degree, tough and unfair at times. In both, ‘players’ get good and bad breaks. Both have good, satisfactory or bad outcomes from decisions, actions or behaviors. Both need to overcome obstacles, bad breaks and fear. And golf is a lifetime sport.

Life is a game that is learned, practiced and lived well—or not. Both games can be based on desires, ethics and abilities to envision, focus and execute. Everybody makes mistakes every day. Both have bad, near and good misses. Champions in both just have more ‘better misses’ than others.

We have all won or lost games. Winning cannot be appreciated without learning to lose first. Permanently borrowing ideas, philosophies and paths creates better chances of success. Both require failures, successes and learning to overcome barriers.

Is golf fair? Not even close on one’s best day! Bad bounces and breaks happen in every round and every day we live. Both create doubts, fears and anxieties. Trying not to hit two bad shots or taking questionable actions in a row is a goal for golf and life.

Is life fair? Like golf, no way! Outside influences can affect us negatively. Life is a game where the good, bad and ugly rear their heads, and sometimes unfair. Even the best intentions sometimes go awry. Sounds like golf.

“It’s better to be lucky than good.” Luck is not perpetual. It comes and goes and can be good or bad. It appears out of nowhere. Consistency is the key to create your own luck and is produced from learning, failing and trying again. Knowing your weaknesses helps eliminate recklessness, poor decisions and results. Is that golf or life?

Both games create fears. Fear often predicates failure because it generates negativity and comes at the wrong place and time. Commitment to visions, beliefs and execution of playing well and fair will dictate the enjoyment one derives over the course. You must give to receive. That is fair and fun for all.

Reflecting through intent, execution and results push us towards increased enjoyment in the future. Golf and life are humbling. Both ‘games’ can be played better if we know what is stopping us. Both are an intricate game. Play it well, play it fair, and have fun!

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