Hillsborough County Tax Collector Nancy Millan has released the State of the Organization and Annual Report. Since being elected to the post in 2020, she has been a good steward of tax funds, worked hard to protect employees and the public during a pandemic and made good on many campaign promises.

Hillsborough County Tax Collector Nancy Millan has released the State of the Organization and Annual Report for the agency. In it, Milan looks back at her accomplishments during her first year in office and celebrates many successes. Millan was elected tax collector in 2020. She replaced Doug Belden, who had served in that elected position for 22 years.

“I am excited to share these amazing successes that we have been able to accomplish. Many of them were campaign promises that I made,” Millan said. “I am honored to work with such a phenomenal team who understands the importance of what we do and look forward to what we as a team will do in 2022,” added Milan.

Some of the highlights are impressive. Milan increased the starting pay for customer service representatives from $15.16 per hour to $17.10 per hour.

The tax collector’s office enhanced the call center with additional staffing resources and implemented an ad hoc telework program for employees impacted by COVID-19 to improve phone services, resulting in an increase of calls answered by 59 percent. It also achieved a 94 percent vaccination rate within the organization. This helped to keep not only employees safe but customers as well.

The Tax Collector’s Office partnered with CFX (Central Florida Expressway Authority, the toll agency for Central Florida) to clear tolls by allowing residents to pay them at the time of their registration renewal. Hillsborough County’s tax collector’s office was the first in the state of Florida to deploy remote driving tests during the pandemic. It also worked with the Florida Department of Health to increase branch customer capacity once COVID restrictions were eased.

The office used an artificial intelligence called Sofie to answer over 70,000 questions from 40,000 users.

Finally, the tax collector collected $2.4 billion in taxes. After distributions to taxing authorities, the tax collector’s office was able to provide $22 million back to Hillsborough County for vital services such as infrastructure, waterways, libraries and other important services.

Milan is looking forward to the rest of 2022, and this year, the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s Office will be utilizing additional technology and services to provide better customer service. They will enhance accessibility, increase capacity in branches and provide more services online.

Milan said, “We want to make it convenient and easy for all who need our services.”

To watch the State of the Organization video and review the Annual Report, please visit www.hillstax.org/state-of-the-org.

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