Winter Lynch invites you to Leaven Brewing’s Bottle Club.

When K.J. and Jillian Lynch started Leaven Brewing they could not have imagined how soon their customers became like family.

Jillian said, “We’ve realized quickly that we opened the brewery to make beer, but sometimes the beer takes a back seat because it’s more about the people that come through the tap room.”

With a booming mug club, they have a loyal following of regulars eager for great conversations along with a great selection of beer.

However, with the birth of their daughter, Winter, they found they were missing out on something big. As new parents, they realized how hard it is to meet up with other new parents. “It only seemed fair that if Mom and Dad had a mug club, Winter has her own club,” Jillian said. Then, with the help of mug club member Renee Noland, who is certified in early childhood education and has been teaching for 10 years, Bottle Club was formed.

Specifically designed for moms and dads and their kids 2 and under, Leaven Brewing’s Bottle Club is a fantastic place for you and your baby to bond with each other and socialize. You can expect 60 minutes of fun filled with music, exploration, reading and, of course, there’s a beer at the end—for the bigs, not the littles.

Noland makes sure to build a curriculum your littles will love though: “I put out sensory toys and items for them to play with to keep them busy in a stimulating fashion. After icebreakers, we do some sort of physical activity, whether that be just [a] fun song with movement. I’m also teaching the parents some great resources and videos that you can use at home.”

If you’re looking for something similar, you have to drive into Tampa, and Jillian knew that just wasn’t an option.

“The Riverview community is not going to wake up with their 9-month-old, pack a diaper bag, get themselves ready for the day and trek themselves across the bay and get back in time for nap time,” she said.

Now they have the option right in their backyard.

At only $25 per class, you won’t want to miss the next meeting scheduled for March. For more information and meeting dates, you can check out Facebook at or Instagram at You can also call 677-7023 or visit it online at Leaven Brewing Co. is located at 11238 Boyette Rd. in Riverview.

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