Soul Circus Cowboys’ latest album cover, Rolling Across America - Home Stretch.

By Deven King

Florida is a unique state filled with various wildlife, plants, and cities. It is also the home of Southern rock music.

Soul Circus Cowboys released its newest single, “Sunshine State,” on June 20. The song is a tribute to Florida that shows off all the beautiful things Floridians experience every single day.

Billy McKnight, one of the band’s main songwriters of “Sunshine State,” was born and raised in the Brandon area, therefore knowing all of the incredible things here which inspired him to write the song.

The band released their music video and track on July 4 with a concert at The Toasted Monkey to celebrate Independence Day.

Billy McKnight, the lead singer in Soul Circus Cowboys, said, “I believe anyone who sees this video that is from Florida will get it immediately and anyone who is not from Florida will want to visit immediately.”

In 2009, McKnight and Dewey Buxton formed a duet called Midnight Buckstone. They then grew into Soul Circus Cowboys when Ron Zebron, James Caulk and Steven O’Reilly joined their group. The band has produced four records and 12 videos.

McKnight’s biggest piece of advice to anyone starting out in the music industry is to be all in.

He said, “If you make the commitment, you have to go all in. Just like any choice in life, you might think something is safer, but as long as you learn your craft and as long as you be honest and true to yourself and the music that is inside your body and get it out properly, you’ll be safe.”

The music group toured from June 24 to July 2 around the bay area, including St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Clearwater, Lakeland, Tampa and Ellenton. Soul Circus Cowboys’ music, such as their latest song, “Sunshine State,” is available on every music streaming service and on their website.

For more information or to purchase their concert tickets, visit or email Michelle Gutenstein-Hinz at

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