Fine artist and singer-songwriter Erik Hesson grew up in Valrico. He now resides in St. Petersburg, where he creates his art and music. His music can be found on multiple digital streaming platforms. You can meet Hesson and see his art during his exhibits at the Dalí Museum on Saturday afternoons.

Erik Hesson is a fine artist and singer-songwriter. While he now resides in St. Petersburg, he grew up in the Valrico area.

Hesson’s original art is called Linear Perspectivism.

He explained, “What Cubism did to the cube, Linear Perspectivism does to linear perspective. Instead of linear perspective reimagining just an underlying design element, I feature it to create the main aesthetic and construct my compositions with this in mind.”

Hesson’s medium of choice is oil on canvas. However, when he is creating art featuring styles such as Cubism and his Faces of Dali Collection, his medium is digital painting. For that, he uses Clip Studio Paint.

Hesson has a solo exhibit each Saturday from 1-4 p.m. on the patio of the Dalí Museum, located at 1 Dali Blvd. in St. Petersburg. You can also purchase framed giclée prints and limited editions on his website.

Hesson is a self-taught artist. He said, “I have been learning through a rigorous and persistent process of ‘trial and error’ and ‘trial and success’ for the past 22 years.”

If you are into music, you should check out Hesson’s, which can be found on multiple digital streaming platforms. He releases his music independently, and he currently has eight songs out, including Something Magic, Halo and Everytime I Close My Eyes. He plans to release a new song every 60 days.

Hesson said of his music, “My songs can honestly be played in almost any style, but my personal style is kind of a fusion of folk, pop, hip-hop, soul, reggae and rock. Throw those all in a blender and you will be in my realm musically.”

Hesson has been playing the guitar for about 10 years and the piano for about four years.

He said, “I realized a couple of years ago that I have a gift for channeling piano melodies off the top of my head. I then started organizing them into song format, and then one day I had an epiphany about writing songs.” Hesson added, “All of my songs are written as conversational dialogue with either another person, myself or society.”

Hesson has written about 40 songs and created around 100 visual pieces of art in the last few years. He said, “I have a gift for turning struggle/pain into beauty through creative works.”

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