Hillsborough County Water Resources is seeking input from residents in Ruskin about a proposed new vacuum sewer pump station as part of a project to improve sewer service access and reliability for residents in the Ruskin community.

Hillsborough County has started a virtual public engagement to receive input from residents. Residents can access the public input at www.hcflgov.net/hcengage. The project is the Ruskin Sewer System Vacuum Pump Station – Area A, and the public engagement will remain open until Tuesday, May 9. This is part of a larger countywide program to protect groundwater and improve the quality of the region’s natural systems by eliminating septic tanks and low-pressure sewer systems in areas around the bay.

For this project in Ruskin, Hillsborough County is seeking to purchase a residential lot located at 2508 W. Shell Point Rd. and locate a new vacuum sewer pump station at the site to support the future development of improved county sewer infrastructure for area residents and businesses. The project area is located along the area of West Shell Point Road, north of the Ruskin Inlet, and west of Graceful Sea Place. The project is located in the western region of Ruskin.

Once the land is acquired, the county will seek approval from the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners to locate the pump station on the proposed site. Once approved, Hillsborough County Public Utilities will start designing for a new central sewer system in the project area. Additional public engagement with residents will occur before a proposed system design is completed and before construction begins. Throughout the project, Hillsborough County will keep the community engaged.

The goal is to complete the project towards the end of 2025. The estimated project cost is $3.5 million.

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