Having relationships with Tampa Bay professional sports teams allows LeHeal Biogenix to treat athletes like Jason Pierre Paul.

LeHeal Biogenix offers a nonsurgical way for patients to treat their pain by supporting and enhancing the body’s natural healing process. Through peptide, laser and new stem cell therapies, LeHeal Biogenix has helped their patients find pain relief since opening in September of 2022.

“The most rewarding part of our practice is the ability to help everyone. Our patients range in across the board in age, professions, activity level,” said co-founder and COO Stacey Heald. “Our patients are able to get back to what they love. This is different for everyone.”

LeHeal Biogenix offers personalized treatment plans for each patient. Through this unique approach, treatment plans can be adjusted to fit most budgets while still providing pain relief.

Professional athletes and groups in the Tampa Bay area, such as former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Jason Pierre Paul, have experienced pain relief and injury prevention with the help of LeHeal Biogenix as well.

“We have established relationships with a number of professional athletic groups in the Tampa Bay area, providing their members fast and effective solutions for muscle recovery, injury prevention and healing and to optimize their performance,” said Heald.

LeHeal Biogenix’s stem cell therapies enhance the cells’ natural ability to respond to damage and injuries. Peptide therapies allow providers to naturally regulate hormone levels to replenish the peptides and amino acids needed to heal the body. Its class IV laser therapies are another way LeHeal Biogenix naturally prompts the healing process, directing a beam of light into the skin to stimulate cells.

“There is a great deal of education involved in what we do. We love this part of the job. Some have heard of the treatments but don’t fully understand them. We have the opportunity to educate on the services and the overall human body and its incredible healing powers,” explained Heald.

In addition to offering several treatment options, LeHeal Biogenix has four locations, including one in Brandon and another in Tampa. In June, it is opening offices in Lakeland and Lakewood Ranch. The office collaborates with a network of chiropractic and physical therapy groups to support the patients during their recovery.

For more information on LeHeal Biogenix, visit their website https://leheal.com/ or contact 813-999-2192.

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