Iron Rock Insurance began in June 2020 during the middle of the pandemic. It is currently celebrating its four-year anniversary.

At the core, Iron Rock Insurance is a team of agents specializing in providing quality protection for its clients and their families.

With its coverage, clients can rest assured that their loved ones and their possessions will be kept safe. Iron Rock Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products and unparalleled customer support when you need it the most. It can provide that extra layer of protection to ease its clients’ minds.

“Iron Rock Insurance began in June 2020 during the middle of the pandemic,” said Iron Rock Insurance managing partner Lisa Hast. “I had worked in another agency for 37 years and I made the decision that I wanted something that was different. I wanted something that was mine. I built my way with the technology, processes, carriers and staffing. We have grown from zero to be quite a player in the local insurance independent agencies.”

Hast and her team are excited to be celebrating Iron Rock Insurance’s four-year anniversary.

“It feels absolutely amazing,” Hast said. “We started with zero and a wing and a prayer. Currently, we have 11 employees, four agents, three in training and four customer service reps. When I quit my job, I was 53 years old with no plan B, only plan A, so it had to work.”

Hast is also very proud of Iron Rock Insurance’s CARE program.

“CARE is creating remarkable experience,” Hast said. “Service is our number one priority. In our world today, it seems no one wants to help get your business handled. Jesse Ackerman and I have built and developed quite the team. We do everything we can to make the insurance process as easy as possible. Insurance is hard right now in Florida, so people really need assistance in navigating the madness of cancellations and rate increases.”

If you ask Hast what makes Iron Rock Insurance different from other insurance companies, she will tell you that it’s all about family.

“We are truly a family business,” Hast said. “We have gone from just my daughter and me to adding my husband, Jason Hast, as an agent and my two daughters-in-law, Kate Norberg and Katie Kinder, to agent training. We love helping customers review their coverage, making sure they get the best price but also balancing a review of their coverage and educating them to make sure they understand what they are buying.”

If you would like to learn more about Iron Rock Insurance, you can visit its website at or call for a quote at 813-213-9600. Its office is located at 400 Frandorson Circle, Ste. 103 in Apollo Beach.

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