Brandon Hospital For most people going to the ER is a two fold problem. One is the medical emergency itself, the other is actually being there. Many who visit their local hospital emergency room likely think about the lengthy visit they will have to endure while wondering what kind of care they are actually going to receive, all before they even walk through the ER doors.
“That mental image is what we are here to change,” said Brandon Regional Hospital’s new director of emergency services Randy Spivey.
Spivey, who took over the department in June of 2007 and who has over two decades of hospital emergency room experience under his belt proudly mentioned that the Brandon ER is his fifth emergency department he has run since 1990.
But Spivey understands that local residents and patients are not interested in numbers or an impressive resume. “They want results and good care provided as quickly as possible,” he said.
This director has his work cut out for him. According to ER statistics, BRH sees close to 200 patients per day which amounts to almost 70,000 a year. More than a dozen of the ER staff is on duty at any given time.
For this reason Spivey agreed and explained that his main challenge is the sheer volume of patients. While pleased with the recent progress at his department which has been renamed from “emergency room” to “emergency center,” with the purpose of removing the negative idea of a “waiting room” and replacing it with a “reception” area, he said that his job has only started and he is determined in providing the highest level of care to all, as fast as possible.
“We are on the right track but, I am not satisfied with where we are just yet,” Spivey said. “It is a work in progress.”
According to Spivey the recipe for a well run emergency center has three main ingredients that comes under the department’s mission of providing the highest patient care possible accomplished only through speed and communication.
“It is good people in the right place, good cooperation between hospital departments and working closely with the ambulance services,” Spivey said.
Repeatedly emphasizing the fact that without his staff, which he said was doing a fantastic job, improvements could not be made. Spivey said, “We have some absolutely great people working here, and I am pleased with their hard work.”
Interestingly, and possibly the reason for this director’s success, is that he is not concerned about other hospitals and reports or statistics from similar facilities.
“I focus on what needs to be done here while making sure that the Brandon community is cared for and that our patients receive the best, the fastest and the highest level of treatment possible,” he said.
Spivey is also a member of Atlanta’s Disaster Medical Assistance team. He was born in Hartsville Tennessee and moved to Brandon in June of last year with his wife Lisa Flueallen, an RN who currently works at Tampa General Hospital’s pediatric emergency room.
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