MiraBay Village SweetbayWith the vast expanses of empty shops at MiraBay Village, the opportunities for new businesses to enter the area seems endless. As of right now, the MiraBay Sweetbay, the anchor building that stands apart from the rest, is the only store open in the shopping plaza.
With 52,000 sq. ft. of space, the Sweetbay offers an impressive view for anyone who has entered the significantly smaller store down the road. The store offers everything a supermarket should and more. There are special programs in order to get the community involved with the store and a specific program to help the store get involved with the community. On the weekends, it is easy to find something going on at the Sweetbay supermarket, from wine tasting to food sampling.
Sweetbay is also involved in the Upromise, campaign which allows parents, grandparents or any family member to create a checking or savings account online for a college fund. After the account is created, small keychain sized cards are issued and a portion of select purchases go into the account. To sign up, just visit www.upromise.com/sweetbay.
The shops that lie directly south of Sweetbay are ascetically pleasing and leave those in nearby communities wondering what they will be filled with. Several businesses are already planning to open in the near future. Icognito, a modern upscale restaurant and bar, will offer a place for residents to stop by after work and grab a cocktail or meet some friends for a bite to eat. There will also be a China Taste opening as well as a nail salon and spa.
For new or existing businesses looking for a location to set-up, there are still many leasing opportunities. With a built-in clientele from MiraBay, the opportunity to expand for businesses in the plaza is impressive. The buildings range from 1,093-3,198 sq. ft. For leasing information, contact Valerie Tyszko, JVT Development, (727) 823-0161 or email at vtyszko@jvtrealty.com.

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